Success Story: Enhypen World Tour

Join us for a behind the scenes look at Marbled LA’s fantastic collaboration with the team behind the Enhypen “FATE” World Tour, and the Dignity Health Sports Park venue in Los Angeles. Learn how we delivered an incredible breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack experience for a full 7-day event.

The Event

Preparing for the first night of their highly anticipated United States “FATE” tour, the Enhypen production team reached out to Marbled LA for help delivering an exceptional catering experience. More than just delicious food, the team needed extensive support from a team that could adhere to special dietary restrictions, custom menu requirements, and a range of taste preferences, all while respecting their “zero waste” commitments. 

The Challenges

  • Comprehensive catering: The team needed delicious menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the crew, artists, and their friends and family. They also wanted to ensure everyone had constant access to fully stocked snack bars.
  • A 7-day event: Beyond simply delivering food for the first day of the FATE tour, Marbled LA also needed to be on-hand for a full 7 days, offering meals for the 4-day setup process, friends and family concert day, the actual concert, and the last day breakdown.
  • Limited resources: The event venue had no kitchen of its own, meaning Marbled LA needed to go back and forth to use their own kitchen for meal prep, dish washing and more. We also needed to provide dishware for the guests to use.
  • Staffing logistics: With no kitchen on-site, the venue also didn’t have its own catering specialists available to support the team throughout the event. The group turned to us for on-site staff to help with serving and distributing food.
  • Special accommodations: Marbled LA was asked to adhere to a number of specific dietary restrictions, and custom menu requests, offering seasonal items, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to appeal to every guest.

Sustainability: The Enhypen team were keen to access a sustainable catering service, which we accommodated with our zero-waste approach, and compostable food options.

The Menu

With careful consideration of the various special requests made by the Enhypen production team, Marbled LA set about creating the perfect menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as designing snack bars for the 7-day event:

  • Breakfast: We offered everything from cold breakfast catering options like vegan yogurts, whole fruits and cream cheese bagels and donuts, to hot breakfast options. Menu items ranged from classics like bacon breakfast sandwiches and scrambled eggs, to roasted vegetable breakfast sandwiches. We also offered hot coffee, tea, and juice throughout the day.
  • Lunch: Options ranged from vegan lentil soup to white fish Piccata, herbed rice pilaf, paprika roasted potatoes, and lemon roasted broccoli. We also offered various cold food options, with a comprehensive salad bar with an assortment of dressings. There was also a full sandwich bar available, with a host of bread and filling options to choose from.
  • Dinner: A comprehensive range of soups, and delicious meals such as Teriyaki chicken, white miso scallion salmon, and vegetable chow Mein. We also offered fortune cookies and lemon bars for dessert, fruit salads, and a comprehensive salad bar with assorted dressings.
  • Snacks: We ensured the team and guests always had something delicious to enjoy, from all-day drinks, to snacks like tater tots, fresh fruit, and vegetables, and more. 

The Extra Details

Alongside delivering a highly versatile range of food and menu options to choose from, Marbled LA ensured we adhered to the group’s sustainability standards with compostable foods, and a full zero-waste approach to delivering meals. 

We also offered comprehensive on-site staff, to help serve guests, prepare tables, manage buffet, and snack stations, and answer any questions attendees had. Our team delivered end-to-end support for the full seven days, ensuring the event was a phenomenal success. 

The Win

Our collaboration with the Enhypen production team was a wonderful success. We received plenty of feedback from both our clients and their guests, commenting on the excellent quality of our food, the incredible variety on offer, and the friendliness and professionalism of our staff. 

The team noted that they were impressed with our ability to adapt even without an on-site kitchen available at the venue. We believe this success story is an excellent insight into the importance of choosing the right caterer that can adapt to your production’s needs, no matter how big or small your event might be. 

If you want to become our next Marbled LA success story, reach out to our team to discuss your specific catering requirements today!