Success Story: SZA Grammy Production Event

Open buffet trays with food inside (close-up)

Join us for a behind-the-scenes celebration of Marbled LA’s successful collaboration with SZA and NBC Studies. Discover how we delivered a diverse production catering experience to satisfy every palette and eliminate the risk of food fatigue. 

The Event

The artist SZA hosted a five-day event at the NBC studios in partnership with Calm Media, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Studios Mastercard, and the Grammy’s. This incredible experience required input and support from various professionals, with around 200 people on site every day, all of whom needed access to delicious food. 

The Challenges

  • Menu diversity: The team was initially concerned about hiring the same catering team for five days in a row. They knew great meals were essential but were worried about “food fatigue” and wanted a menu that offered a diverse selection of options.
  • Size: The size of the production meant the group needed a caterer capable of accommodating up to 200 people per day, with breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner menus. 
  • Limited resources: The production facility lacked the on-site resources to feed such a huge team. They needed access to reusable plates and cutlery that were both practical, and adhered to their eco-friendly policies.
  • Special dietary needs: Many of the people in the production had specific dietary requirements. Some were avoiding red meat, others only ate eco-friendly proteins, and some were gluten-free or vegan. 
  • Emergency catering: Two days of the event required an emergency catering service, providing extra food to 150 staff members. 

The Request

Serving delicious food to hundreds of people over the course of five days is no small feat. Initially, the client was worried that hiring a single catering company wouldn’t allow them to offer people the diverse range of meal and menu options they needed to minimize food fatigue. 

After talking to Marbled LA, and seeing just how varied our menus could be, the team agreed to put our track record of delivering exceptional, diverse catering experiences to the test. They asked us to create menus for breakfast, lunch, and occasional dinners. Plus, they requested extra assistance from our service team for cleaning, stocking, serving, and support. 

As an added request, the client wanted to ensure that we could accommodate their eco-friendly values, with a zero-waste approach to everything from place settings to food choices. 

They wanted no beef, lamb, or pork on their plates, and needed to accommodate gluten-free and vegan dietary requirements too.  

The Menu

Taking the client’s specific requests into account, we crafted breakfast and lunch/dinner menus that would ensure the team never had to eat the same meal twice: 

  • Breakfast:

Breakfast burritos, pastries, plain eggs, breakfast meats, tofu scramble, overnight oats, baked goods, Mexicanas, vegan and gluten-free oat options, fresh fruit, and scups. We also provided fresh juice and hot coffee on site for all of the team. 

  • Lunch/Dinner: 

Mediterranean, Mexican, Indonesian, Peruvian, Thai, and Italian Cuisines. We created a huge variety of different meal options in different sizes for lunch and dinner. Options ranged from Chicken marsala to roasted vegetables, salad bars, black pepper chicken, and beyond. 

The Extra Details

In addition to providing the client with a comprehensive and highly versatile menu, we also ensured we met with the group’s eco-friendly standards with:

  • Reusable plates and utensils
  • Eco-friendly menu options sourced from local providers
  • Sustainable cleaning practices

We also provided access to dedicated on-site staff, ensuring the team had the support they needed to replenish buffet stations, serving team members, and keeping the area clean and maintained. Our team was also on-hand to answer every question our diners had about the food, dietary restrictions, and products prepared according to allergen requirements.

The Win

Our approach to offering the production team a diverse range of meal and menu options ensured they had a fantastic dining experience every day. We gave every attendee something unique to enjoy, whether it was for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plus, we ensured we could accommodate every dietary restriction and taste, while accommodating the client’s eco-friendly requests. 

Our support helped to ensure the production team could maintain a happy, well-fed crew throughout the course of the event. The team complimented us on not just our food quality, but our timeliness, creativity, and seamless service.

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