Thanksgiving Catering Los Angeles

Make your next Thanksgiving meal easy by letting us do the hard work and catering your Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you’re bringing teams together for a corporate feast, or you’re connecting with loved ones over delectable dishes, the right food transforms any Thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving Day Made Easy with Marbled LA

We offer some of the most versatile Thanksgiving menu options in Los Angeles.. Our expert team of chefs and catering experts are ready to handle everything from intimate holiday meals to huge volume orders.

At Marbled LA, we offer expert catering services to suit every need, whether you’re just looking for food for a special event, or you’re celebrating a festive occasion. We also offer a range of other holiday catering options (beyond Thanksgiving).

Thanksgiving Catering: The Marbled LA Way

At Marbled LA, we take a customer-focused approach, by ensuring you’ll always have the delicious food you need for those special occasions. Our adaptable teams can tailor your Thanksgiving feast to your needs, with absolutely no hassle, waste, or fuss.

When you choose Marbled LA to handle your Thanksgiving dinner, you can expect:

● Support for small and larger volume orders, tailored to you
● Delicious, high-quality, and hand-prepared Thanksgiving menu items
● A sustainable approach with no waste and eco-friendly processes
● Fast, reliable delivery – we’ll make sure we’re there for when you’re ready
● Industry-leading equipment, to ensure food is delivered hot and ready to eat

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Thanksgiving Catering Menu Items

Every family has their own Thanksgiving meal staples and traditions. Here at Marbled LA we want our catering options to make your deal delicious and memorable for you and your family or coworkers. We also know that not everyone’s “turkey day” involves turkey.

Entrees – Expertly prepared entree(s) fit to be the star of any holiday meal.
Sides – Seasonally inspired side dishes including many traditional favorites.
Dessert – Baked fresh with the freshest ingredients by our team of bakers.

View Our Thanksgiving and Holiday Menu

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What are some of the favorite Thanksgiving menu items offered?

We know every Los Angeles Thanksgiving dinner and gathering is unique. That’s why at Marbled LA, we offer a huge variety of options, for a truly personalized experience. From classics like pumpkin pie and roasted turkey, to sensational stuffing, we can handle it all. Here are just some of the festive favorites our customers love:

  • Entrees – We have several options for the main turkey dinner including roasted turkey, turkey breast, whole roasted chicken, honey glazed ham, blackened tri-tip steak, roasted pork tenderloin, whole roasted prime rib and even lemon and herb roasted salmon!
  • Sides – Complete your Thanksgiving meal with all your favorite turkey sides: traditional stuffing, cranberry stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, candied yams, roasted brussels sprouts, butternut squash soup,   macaroni and cheese, biscuits, and honey butter, and of course turkey gravy. We also offer a range of salads for lighter snacks. 
  • Dessert – In addition to pecan, apple, mixed berry, or pumpkin pie, we also have delectable sea salt chocolate chip cookies, several additional flavored pies, brownies, and cheesecake.

Take a look at our catering menu for all of the options. Pick your favorites to create the ultimate holiday meal and order today.

Do you offer non-traditional menu items?

Of course! Not everyone wants turkey on Thanksgiving! We can offer whole roasted chicken, honey glazed ham, blackened tri-tip steak and prime rib, or even pork and salmon as your main entrée. If you’re looking for unique sides, why not explore options like cheese and charcuterie boards, or vegetable crudité with assorted dips?

For a slightly less traditional dessert, we can swap your pumpkin, apple, mixed berry or pecan pie with handcrafted chocolate brownie bars, sea salt chocolate chip cookies or cheesecake! The options are endless, so have fun crafting a menu that’s perfect for you.

How far in advance should I place my Thanksgiving catering order?

Thanksgiving is a busy season when everyone wants the perfect feast! If you want to avoid disappointment, and a hectic attempt to make your own pumpkin pie at the last minute, we recommend ordering early! Ideally, you should place your Thanksgiving orders by the Monday before Thanksgiving so we can whip up the perfect meal especially suited to your needs. 

We can also offer to deliver your Thanksgiving feast to go before Thanksgiving day if you want to get ahead of the holiday rush. Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the instructions you need to reheat and serve your amazing holiday meal.

What is a good Thanksgiving menu for my event?

Ultimately, there’s no one way to plan the perfect Thanksgiving menu. Some of our clients prefer to stick with the classics, such as sweet potato pie, a roasted turkey dinner, and plenty of stuffing. Others prefer to branch out with unique flavors and tastes. 

We’ll work with you to create the perfect menu for your event, based on your specific tastes and preferences. Plus, you can even add “extras” into the mix, like delicious drinks for your Thanksgiving guests, or mouthwatering desserts and snacks.

How much food should I order for each person?

That all depends on you. We recommend following the “1 pound rule per person”, which means one pound of food for each adult guest, not including desserts and drinks.

When it comes to your Thanksgiving meal, take into consideration that there are typically more sides than a usual dinner spread. Fortunately, if you are left with some delicious Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, then it just means one more day of not cooking, and enjoying the festive fare.

Can I customize my Thanksgiving order?

Of course, we believe in tailoring every Los Angeles area Thanksgiving feast to the needs and preferences of our amazing clients. If you’d prefer pecan pie or apple pie over the traditional pumpkin pie, or cranberry relish instead of stuffing, just let us know. Maybe you want roasted garlic mashed potatoes over regular mashed potatoes, that’s fine too!

If you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, or intolerances, you can also reach out to our team for help planning your family meal. Just let us know what the ideal menu looks like for you, and we’ll do our best to make your catering dreams come true.

How do you accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

The team at Marbled LA is committed to giving you the best possible Thanksgiving feast. That means not just creating delicious food, but ensuring your family meal adheres to any allergies, dietary restrictions, or requests you might have. 

We can produce every order specially to avoid exposure to any potential allergens, protecting you, your loved ones, and your guests. Just contact us to let us know what we need to avoid.

What is the best way to place my Thanksgiving Day order?

At Marbled LA, we strive to make placing the ideal Thanksgiving Day order as simple as possible. All you need to do is check out our menu, then email our team with a little information about your gathering. Tell us how many people you’ll be serving, your dinner budget, and the kind of foods you’re interested in, such as roasted turkey, and mashed potatoes. 

We can then work with you to plan out the perfect menu that suits your needs, and your budget, and even suggest side dishes if you’re having trouble making the right choice.

Can you provide drinks for my Thanksgiving meal?

If you’re hosting a corporate Thanksgiving day event or a big get together, you might need some extra drinks to keep people hydrated and happy throughout the festivities. At Marbled LA, we offer a reliable alcohol catering service as an add-on to many of our services, as well as the option to purchase non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails. 

If you think a wonderful collection of beverages would be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving celebration, contact our team to see how we can help. We look forward to helping you with your upcoming Los Angeles event.