Los Angeles Vegan Friendly Catering

Discover mouthwatering vegan menus crafted with the freshest, most nutritious ingredients with Marbled LA’s premier vegan catering services.

Sustainable, ethical, and delicious, Marbled LA’s wide range of vegan options will ensure you can delight and impress guests at any event. Our vegetarian and vegan cuisine is ideal for any party, corporate event, or intimate celebration.

Our Diverse Menu Offerings

Who said vegan dishes needed to be bland or boring? At Marbled LA, we’re experts at preparing delicious food filled with flavor, and completely free from animal products.

We pride ourselves on our diverse and customizable menus, covering everything from delightful appetizers to sumptuous vegan desserts. Whether you’re searching for the perfect breakfast or brunch, with vegan yogurts and oatmeal cookies, or you’re looking for something rich and warming, like vegan lentil soup, we can help you create the perfect menu.

As your dedicated personal or corporate catering team, we can even adapt our menus to suit any dietary restrictions or preferences you might have. We can offer sustainably sourced foods, gluten-free catering, and even extra treats, like refreshing beverages, for all your guests.

Contact our team to start crafting the perfect vegan menu today.

Your Ethical and Sustainable Vegan Caterer

At Marbled LA, we don’t just create amazing dishes; we deliver sustainable, ethical catering for a truly guilt-free dining experience. We source local ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint, work with cruelty-free vendors, and can even provide reusable and recyclable cutlery and dishware for your eco-conscious event.

When you choose Marbled LA as your vegan caterer, you can rest assured that you’re contributing to a more sustainable food ecosystem, supporting local farmers, suppliers, and communities.

We’ve even worked with major production crews and companies, aligning our catering services with their ethical values and vision.

Contact us here to learn more about our ethical catering services.

Delectable Food and Exceptional Service

With years of experience in everything from full-service brunch catering to drop-off catering, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to resource for sensational food. Marbled LA’s commitment to amazing flavor, fantastic customer service, and attention to detail will ensure your next event is an experience to remember, for all the right reasons.

No matter whether you’re looking for production catering, corporate catering, or even food for an incredible vegan wedding, Marbled LA is here to help.

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Can I order vegan and non-vegan foods?

Absolutely, we offer a wide range of menu options, including meals and appetizers with and without animal products. You can combine vegan food with vegetarian meals, as well as meat-based dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Simply contact our team to create the perfect catering menu for your social event.

What types of vegan and vegetarian dishes do you offer?

We can offer a range of vegan food options for all kinds of events. For wedding catering, we can prepare delicious starters like lentil soup, and roasted vegetable meals. For breakfast and lunch (& even brunch!), we offer vegan cookies and yogurts. We can even create a wide range of vegan desserts, or adapt a traditional meal, like Thanksgiving Day dinner, to your dietary needs.

Can you provide options for both small and large events?

Of course! At Marbled LA, we offer catering solutions for all kinds of events. We provide extensive school catering services for classes and graduation parties, tour catering for your artists and event staff, and even corporate catering services.

Are there additional fees for customizing menus or making dishes gluten-free?

The quote you receive for your personalized catering menu will include any add-on costs for special requests and requirements. We strive to offer budget-friendly solutions to all of our clients, regardless of their dietary restrictions.

Do you use locally sourced or organic ingredients in your dishes?

At Marbled LA, we pride ourselves on our locally sourced catering menu. We work with local farmers and producers to create amazing Thanksgiving holiday packages, delicious vegan wedding spreads, and corporate catering experiences. We also prioritize fresh and organic ingredients.